Calico Cat - 11""



Calico Cat - Plush Calico CatIf you're the world's biggest cat lover, then you're sure to love this purr-fect Plush Calico Cat! Our plush calico is more than just a cuddly stuffed toy, it's a keepsake that cat lovers everywhere are just head-over heals for! With a realistic look and soft cuddly feel, this plush kitty is sure to become an instant favorite. Our Calico Cat wears a bandana that can be custom designed by you for anyone on your shopping list for free! Just simply follow the steps below to create this one of a kind keepsake. Free Gift Wrapping and a Free Gift Card are included to create a thoughtful presentation.

Calico Cat - 11"" Review

Great product once again from Aurora World. I was immediately able to use my Calico Cat - 11"" for my work.