Ceramic tree of life sculpture, 'Mermaid's Song' (Mexico)



The magical song of the mermaid can incite the most wonderful dreams one can ever dream, says Jaime Esquivel of his inspiration. Expert in the crafting of Mexico's legendary tree of life, he creates an original piece by featuring a lovely mermaid and her pet octopus. Esquivel crafts each ceramic piece by hand, using wires to ensure the tree can withstand the weight of each hand painted figurine. True to the original design of a tree of life, this sculpture featuresPlease note: For decoration only; not intended for use as a candelabra. seven candleholders which symbolize the days of the week. This sculpture is crafted by hand with natural materials and without molds, so slight differences in size, color and shape may be possible, as well as light small cracks in the surface. This only attest to the uniqueness of this piece for no two can be crafted identical to each other.

Ceramic tree of life sculpture, 'Mermaid's Song' (Mexico) Review

Ceramic tree of life sculpture, 'Mermaid's Song' (Mexico) rocks! I am gonna buy them also for my uncle!