Doc Martens Unisex R16940200 Internal Met Guard Steel Toe EH Work Shoes



Sometimes you just need to take care of business. And sometimes you need a pair of work shoes that lets you do it with a minimum of fuss, hassle, or discomfort. Dr. Martens Unisex R16940200 Teak Gunby Internal Met Guard EH Steel Toe Leather Shoes hear you loud and clear. Designed for men or women, these Dr. Martens shoes are built for strength, safety, and comfort, making them perfect for heavy-duty tasks of all kinds. They're made from water-resistant leather that's oiled and tumbled for flexibility and long-lasting wear. A padded collar around the opening and a padded tongue on each make them easy to put on and take off, and they'll stay soft and flexible while you're in them. Safety toe caps on the unisex shoes meet and exceed ASTM standards for compression and impact.Because comfort is just as important as safety (and if you don't think that's the case, try spending a whole work day in uncomfortable men's or women's shoes, and then tell us whether or not you were able to focus properly on the job) , the insides of these steel toe shoes are lined with trademarked Cosmo Pibitex foam-backed moisture-wicking lining. This provides a stay-soft, stay-dry fit, all day long. The soft footbeds are made by Smartmask and are cushioned with polyurethane for durability, and they're easily removable for replacement (just in case) . Air-cushioned soles add to the feeling of lightweight softness, whether you're walking miles or climbing ladders.D30 internal MetGuard metatarsal protection is built right into the structure of this Dr. Martens footwear. That means that trademarked thermal plastic urethane shields are placed within the met guard shoes to protect your metatarsals (the long, delicate bones that along the tops of your feet) from shock, impact, and injury. Yet D30 MetGuards are also flexible as well as lightweight, giving you the ultimate in safety without weighing you down.Locating the right pair of work footwear is one thing. Having them wear out and fall apart before their time is another, and that's the other great thing about these Dr. Martens: they're built to last. Everything from heavy-duty metal eyelets and fastenings to industrial-strength cord lacing indicates they'll keep going as long as you do. Welted construction means that the durable outsoles are sewn onto the uppers in a separate process, which lets you replace the rugged soles as many times as necessary, since they tend to wear out before the rest of the design does. And speaking of the outsoles, these are made from heavy-duty PVC and have a slip rating of ASTM F 1677-96 (Mark II Machine) . They're slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, and resistant to water as well as electrical shocks.Okay, okay, we'll stop talking. You're probably ready to push the button and order yourself a pair of Dr. Martens Unisex R16940200 Teak Gunby Internal Met Guard EH Steel Toe Leather Slip-Resistant Shoes. Less talk: more safety toe shoes. We get it. Order a pair today from Working Person's Store, and enjoy

Doc Martens Unisex R16940200 Internal Met Guard Steel Toe EH Work Shoes Review

My child bought this work & safety at Working Person's Store, but your price is way better!