Flow NX2-SE Snowboard Bindings



Change the way the game is played by bending all the rules. Flow performance and ease of use just got enhanced with a lick of N.A.S.T.Y. and a splash of Active HYBRID PowerCapStrap. Entry and exit has never been faster and you get to choose between SpeedEntry or SideEntry style. Drop in first, charge, steez tricks, take short-cuts, with the NX2-SE you can now play the game any which way you like.SpeedEntry has never been more convenient without sacrificing the superior performance, comfort and power transmission that our bindings are famous for. With Flow's revolutionary New Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y.) , the strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining hiback and actively tightens again when you close the hiback. N.A.S.T.Y. reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your bindings is faster and easier than ever.* New Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y.) * Original Reclining Hiback * Power Triangle * Modback Hibacks * Apex .6 * Hybrid Powercapstrap * LSR Buckles * Rockered Baseplates * BankBeds * OC-Kush * Flex and Feel: 4.0

Flow NX2-SE Snowboard Bindings Review

I'm enjoying the Flow NX2-SE Snowboard Bindings. I would recommend it to all my friends. It has smooth design and it is obvious that it's manufactured to perfection.