Fuji Finest 3.0 Le2 Women's Road Bike - 2016 Performance Exclusive



Fuji Finest 3.0 LE2 Women's Road Bike - 2016 Performance Exclusive. Showcasing a mixture of Fuji's proven road comfort geometry and proven parts, the Fuji Finest 3.0 is the ideal bike for someone just entering the world of road riding or looking to update their tired steed. The A2-SL aluminum in the frame provides a quick snappy response to your pedal stroke while the non-aggressive women's specific geometry and supple tires make the ride smooth and comfortable. Fuji's unidirectional carbon bladed fork is a wonderful example of how the Finest sets itself apart from other road bikes in this price range. The carbon fiber in the fork absorbs road vibration to dampen the chatter that the road normally throws your way. Typically this would come at a cost in the weight category but the carbon fiber is also light! Not needing to stop there, the fork also matches the frame for clearance meaning that the Finest can come equipped with 28mm wide Vera Helios tires. These tires give you greater traction and more comfort by allowing you to run slightly lower pressure than ultra-narrow racing tires. The fork even has disc brake mounts which equip the Finest to be able to handle TRP's Mira disc brakes. These mechanical disc brakes will provide you ample stopping power no matter what the road throws your way. The women's specific geometry of the Finest frame puts you in a comfortable position and the Oval R300 women's saddle and 310 women's handlebar enhance that level of comfort. Shifting and braking duties are handled by Shimano's Sora brake/shift levers which are mated to Sora front and rear derailleurs. Whether you are looking to ride long distances or just looking to see where the road can take you, the Fuji Finest 3.0 will get you there in style and comfort. The durable drivetrain and performance disc brakes are matched by the comfortable frame geometry and supple tires. Not a bike to be left behind, the Finest is ready to lead the pack.

Fuji Finest 3.0 Le2 Women's Road Bike - 2016 Performance Exclusive Review

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