Hestra Wool/Merino Loft Mitten



For those who want practicality and vintage style the Wool/Merino Loft mitt from Hestra is after your old-school heart. Stuffed with the ultra-rare Swisswool which is bound together by cornstarch your hands will feel warm and cozy all winter long. If that's not enough to convince you of their authenticity consider the merino wool lining and their knitted wool cuffs. These fashionable winter gloves are both literally and figuratively hot commodities. They'll keep you warm on the final run of the night and they'll retain their retro vibe as you relax at the lodge. The Wool/Merino Loft mitt from Hestra is more than your father's handwarmer.

Hestra Wool/Merino Loft Mitten Review

I truly enjoy my Hestra Wool/Merino Loft Mitten. I again chose product from Hestra and it's cool. This mittens does not have a rival.