Sportsstuff Lulu 1 Towable



The LULU 1 is a challenging new experience, not just another old-style towable that you simply hang on to. The Championship Edition LULU 1 is a new DOABLE; a controllable towable with no front or back that you can maneuver, slalom, spin, jump and do a combination of moves through the boat wake or crest in a straight-line boat pattern. This is the most advanced towable to hit the market in the past 30 years. A new PATENT PENDING VEER tow system, combined with strategically located Tiger Tooth Fins enable the rider to control the LULU 1 in various moves. Skill is acquired via multiple riding attempts. You will learn that slaloming is achieved by leaning left or right and spinning happens by rocking your weight from front to back. You will have plenty of spills and chills as you are learning. All riders, boat drivers and spotters are novices. Start slowly at reduced speeds until you gain confidence in your skill level.Key Features of the Sportsstuff Lulu 1 Towable: Patent Pending VEER Towing System Patent Pending Rocker Bottom Design Patent Pending Tiger Tooth Spinning / Steering Fins PVC Bladder Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper Foam Padded Floor Patent Pending Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point Multiple Grab Handles with Knuckle Guards Patented Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation

Sportsstuff Lulu 1 Towable Review

Sportsstuff Lulu 1 Towable is just amazing. For 176.95, it's unbeatable towables.