Sure-FootA (R) Conversion Pads



Convert your old 3/4"" pipe clamps to the same height as Rockler's wide-base Sure-FootA (R) design. Pads give you a wider base to prevent tipping and raise clamp higher off bench for greater handle clearance.Technical Details:Converts Pony-style 3/4"" pipe clamps to Rockler's wide base Sure-FootA (R) design to prevent tippingActs as a clamp padRaises clamp higher off bench for greater handle clearance and to match Rockler's Sure-FootA (R) clampsTwo per package

Sure-FootA (R) Conversion Pads Review

This head is one of the best product around 4.99 ..It's from trustworthy Rockler, so you don't have to worry about bad quality.