Urban Fiberglass Wide Pot - Deep Sea Finish



Fiber Stone Fiberglass with a mixture of sand and stones cast into the surface. It is then sandblasted and chemically treated, followed by an acid stain to give the appearance of aged stone. Since it is reinforced with a fiberglass backing, it remains lightweight and less fragile than concrete. It's also easier to move than identical concrete products, and safe for outdoor use. -All weather durable. -To wash use plain water and a dry cloth or sponge. - In 1911, Egisto Orlandi from Lucca, Italy, founded Orlandi Statuary. Because he took great pride in his craft and reputation, Orlandi casting soon set the industry's highest standard of excellence. Artists, interior designers and museums relied upon the careful detailing and impeccable quality standards he demanded. Today Orlandi continues this tradition of pride in craftsmanship and materials. Orlandi's staff is made up of artists, sculptors, mold makers, casters, finishers and packers working to create the finest product in the market place. Orlandi Statuary Inc. - FS7911DPS

Urban Fiberglass Wide Pot - Deep Sea Finish Review

I paid 142.95 plus shipping for this wonderful Urban Fiberglass Wide Pot - Deep Sea Finish and I thinking buying one more for my dad. I think he would use it even more than I do.